What Are You Reading this Summer? | Edutopia

What Are You Reading this Summer? | Edutopia:

A former teacher and instructional coach, Elena Aguilar is now a transformational leadership coach in the Oakland Unified School District.

One of my favorite summer activities is reading -- I relish those long afternoons (and mornings and evenings) on the couch (or beach or bed) when I lose myself in a book. I remember vacations by what I read; travels get surreal overtones because of the confusion with the interweaving of narratives -- reading Song of Solomon on Costa Rica's Pacific coast or Pope Joan in Jamaica -- stories that don't match my environs when I close the book. I'll compromise the purity of the travel-experience, however, for a side trip into a good book.
I know that summer vacation is getting close because I've recently found myself perusing the shelves of my favorite used bookstores and building a stack on my bedside table. Here in Oakland, we have a few more weeks of school; I'm envious of all of you who are already done with the school year. But as I anticipate a break, I'm creating a reading list -- and I want to ask all of you for recommendations


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