Michigan Explores Ideas on Computer-based Student Assessment | Education News

Michigan Explores Ideas on Computer-based Student Assessment | Education News:

As part of an effort by reps of 26 states, Michigan is considering an adaptive test-taking system which tailors questions based on students’ previous answers.
Michigan is exploring the possibility of using online exams for student assessment in order to better gauge each test-taker’s achievement level. The implemented system would be adaptive to the skills of every student, substituting questions on the fly based on the difficulty of the question the student had answered correctly during the course of the exam. Michigan is one of 26 states in the U.S. working to develop and roll out the system, which they hope will go live after the 2014-2015 school year. The new system is thought of as a replacement for the Michigan Education Assessment Program, which will be retired.
Not only will the new system give districts a better idea of academic outcomes, the data provided will also go to helping the teachers better tailor lesson plans to their students’ particular strengths and weaknesses. As part of the rollout, so-called “interim tests” will be given throughout the year, in part to provide that kind of teacher guidance.


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