Learning Tools Over The Years | Educational TechnologyKevin Corbett

Learning Tools Over The Years | Educational TechnologyKevin Corbett:

Educational Technology has changed dramatically over the years
Mimeograph machines were the “copy machine” of  the time, when I started in schools. If you’re old enough, you have a distinct memory of both the chemicals and mess as the drum rotated to churn out copies from a carbon master. That was “high tech” and saved lots of time because students didn’t have to copy questions off of the *chalk* board. (And sadly, ushered in the era of “worksheets”)
How about a slide projector or the little plastic canisters that held film strips–which exploded like the infamous trick ‘snake from a can’? Are those still in schools today. Some report “yes”, as budget crunches force teachers to dig deep for curriculum. Sad. I can’t imagine.
In junior high, I had a period a day as an AV (audio-video) assistant and delivered big, top-heavy projectors on rickety old carts and loaded big film drums and looped the rigid, plastic film through the back of the lens. Thankfully, Kahn Academy and more have provided a convenient library of videos available online.
Today, I’m more than grateful for my smartphone, iPad, and the Internet that can deliver information, communication, collaboration, and creation at the touch of a button–and conveniently: anywhere, anytime, any place, any space!
Take a look at how educational technology and the tools have evolved over the years.

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