To Keep Kids Sharp on Vacation, Try These Tips | Education News

To Keep Kids Sharp on Vacation, Try These Tips | Education News:

Summer vacation is imminent and with it the concern that students, once out of the classroom environment, will backslide and start to forget material covered in school this year. To keep the learned skills, especially those prone to dulling from misuse like literacy and mathematics, education experts propose parents adopt some easy “tricks” to keep their children’s knowledge fresh until next fall.
It’s important to allow children to enjoy their academic break, so following these tips won’t involve cracking textbooks or opening notebooks. Instead, parents should engage their kids in games that will stimulate their brain while they’re having fun. In particular, games like blackjack keep those mental arithmetic skills sharp and more involved ones like chess or checkers hone analytical thinking. Many schools even provide fun games that hide real learning tools on their website. To find out whether their schools offer such games, parents should get in touch with an employee before the schools close for the summer.


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