Top 9 Free Web Tools to Develop Students Creativity

Top 9 Free Web Tools to Develop Students Creativity:

A kindergarten student was sitting in the back seat of the classroom completely immersed into her drawing. Using different colours and shades, she drew what she believed the portrait of the devine. Her teacher soon approached her, looked at the drawing and asked," what are you drawing ? "The child, without even looking up at him, answered " God "  The teacher responded " But no one knows what God looks like " The child answered, " They will in a minute ". This is in fact one of the witty quips I learned from Sir Ken Robinson in hiw book Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative


Regardless of whether this scene has really happened, the point it emphasizes is quite clear: Children have the potential for wonderous, revolutionary creativity. According to findings in  neuroscience , all kids are born with innate  creative powers and what really happens is that as kids grow up some of them active their creative powers but others unconsciously keep them dormant.

Pablo Picasso once said that. " all children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist once he grows up." Most of young kids, particularly up to 05, are totally confident that they can draw, sing, and dance. Tragically enough, within three to four years these same kids will experience a crisis of confidence mainly school induced. They no longer feel competent or creative. The struggle to keep their creativity alive starts from the first day they join the school.

The overall school system, including teachers,  is to blame for the deterioration of creativity in places where it should nourish and blossom. Our students become victims of national education agenda that prioritize ceratin subjects and skills over others. It seems like we prepare students for agrarian or monotonous careers that require mechanical, monotonous and systemic procedures for completion compared to critical thinking and intelectual creativity. Even inside our classrooms, some teachers still wrongly chastise failure and curse mistakes as if we all were born to  always say and do it right.

There is , in fact, a growing body of evidence on how we ,as teachers,  kill this creativity in our students but it would be beyond the scope of this post to list all of them and will probably get back to them in a future post. For now, let us explore some of the ways we can redress the situation and give back life to the dbilitating body of creativity in our classrooms using Technology. Yes Technology, which is the thing that our students love and use  the most, can be of great help to us in this endeavour and here is how :


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