Welsh Government | Digital technology crucial in improving school performance says Leighton Andrews

Welsh Government | Digital technology crucial in improving school performance says Leighton Andrews:

A plan of action to improve performance in Wales’ schools through the use of digital technology has been announced by Education Minister Leighton Andrews.
The plan follows the publication of Find it, Make it, Use it, Share it – Learning in Digital Wales, a report from the Digital Classroom Teaching Task and Finish Group, which considered what digital materials work in the classroom and how the Welsh Government can work towards all schools in Wales being able to deliver digitally.
The new plan includes:
  • The creation of a new National Digital Learning Council to provide expert guidance on the use of digital technology in teaching and learning in Wales.  
  • The launch of a new bilingual learning platform for Wales, provisionally called Hwb, which will provide a platform for learners and teachers to share resources, knowledge and experience across the whole of Wales.  
  • The creation of a National Digital Collection which will include a repository for thousands of curriculum and good practice resources for teachers and learners to upload, share and use.
  • Encouraging the use of iTunes U to showcase the best educational resources and activities in Wales.  
  • The establishment of Digital Leaders, who will be drawn from the best practitioners using digital technology in Wales.
  • Additional professional development for teachers and other education staff to support the teaching of computer science and IT, building on the new enthusiasm around the development of products such as the Raspberry Pi and Dot Net Gadgeteer to encourage young people into future studies and careers in computing.
  • The sponsorship of an annual National Digital Event to raise the profile of digital technology in education and of Welsh achievements in this field.


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