Teacher Creates Own Apps to Help Students Study -- THE Journal

Teacher Creates Own Apps to Help Students Study -- THE Journal:

Since December, much of high school science teacher Frederick Feraco’s spare time has been consumed with a new way he has found to help his students ace their assessments--by developing his own apps.
Feraco, who teaches multiple subjects at Columbia Secondary School for Science, Math, and Engineering in New York City, recently released a series of educational apps dedicated to helping students prepare for the New York State Regents exams, the state's subject-based tests that high school students are required to pass for graduation. 

A native of Long Island, Feraco began noticing the number of people with an attachment to digital devices after a year at Columbia Secondary School. "Everyone is on their cell phone, everyone is on their iPad, everyone’s heads are down," Feraco said. "It’s fantastic, but it’s everywhere."

His observation sparked the idea for his educational "Buddy" apps, which capitalize on the amount of time students spend on their cell phones and tablets anyway, utilizing them to provide interactive knowledge on a topic. Out of the 12 apps he has developed so far, eight are specific to the Regents exams, covering subjects like biology, algebra, and U.S. history. 


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