How to teach... arts and crafts | Education | The Guardian

How to teach... arts and crafts | Education | The Guardian:

Make a carnival mask inspired by the Venice carnival
Make a carnival mask inspired by the Venice carnival. Photograph: Alamy
Arts and crafts can be a great way for young people to explore and develop their creativity, so this week the Guardian Teacher Networkbrings you a range of ideas for pupils to run with.
Make a carnival mask is one of several activities created by the charityAccess Art to support visual arts teaching. Pupils cut and stick to create a mask inspired by the Venice carnival. The lesson can be adapted to suit the craft materials you have available, the most important being cardboard, scissors, masking tape and paint.
How to make jewellery focuses on charm bracelets. The lesson covers basic techniques along with extension ideas for more complicated pieces. Suggested materials include jewellery cord and wire, but more readily available items such as string, wool, buttons and beads can also be used.


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