25 Ways Teachers Can Connect More With Their Colleagues | Edudemic

25 Ways Teachers Can Connect More With Their Colleagues | Edudemic:

A growing criticism of the American education system is that teachers spend too much of their time distanced from their colleagues (a recent survey found that teachers spend just 3% of their school day collaborating with other teachers), encouraging competition rather than collaboration, and making it difficult for teachers to work together to solve educational and institutional issues.
Things don’t have to be that way, however, as there are many ways that teachers can reach out and connect with their colleagues and build a more collaborative atmosphere in their schools. We’ve come up with just a few here, but feel free to share your own experiences and ideas that can help other educators to connect and ultimately improve the quality of instruction they can offer students.

    One of the biggest obstacles to connecting with other teachers is making sure that you’re all on the same page. Everyone should know what’s expected of them and be made a valued part of the team. From there, it’s much easier to build relationships and figure out the next steps to take to improve the quality of education kids receive.


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