100m Intel laptops to get pre-loaded English lessons | Education | Guardian Weekly

100m Intel laptops to get pre-loaded English lessons | Education | Guardian Weekly:

100m Intel laptops to get pre-loaded English lessons

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An Intel chip on a computer circuit board. Photograph: David Silverman/Getty Images
100m Intel laptops to get pre-loaded English lessons
English language learning software from the British Council will be pre-loaded on up to 100m computers used in schools worldwide by 2015, the UK's education and cultural promotion agency has announced.
The British Council says that content from its ELT websites will be installed on computers built by Intel as part of the US computer manufacturer's campaign to increase school students' access to low-cost devices.
English language learning content will be available on Intel's Classmate device. The company says it has produced 6m of the simple, robust and low-cost laptops since 2007.
"The concept of 'one-to-one' education, where every students has a laptop or tablet that they can also take home, opens up new possibilities for classroom pedagogy in ELT, new ways to support learning with authentic language input and new ways to expand learning beyond the classroom," said Michael Carrier, director of English language development at the British Council


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