Is 'Hands-On' Is the Best Way to Future-Proof Kids? | Education News

Is 'Hands-On' Is the Best Way to Future-Proof Kids? | Education News:

Instead of teaching to the test, teachers should give students opportunities to do practical projects that grow enthusiasm and help them understand technology.
Standardized tests aren’t the answer to making American students future-proof, writes Dale Dougherty for On the contrary, the constant testing encourages the style of instruction that could be entirely counterproductive in achieving this goal. Instead of setting up incentives that practically force teachers to “teach to the test,” schools should introduce a large practical component, allowing students to get familiar and get excited about technology.
Even with the job situation that shows no sign of improvement, companies all over the country are reporting a severe shortage of employees trained in STEM disciplines. The number of computer science and engineering college graduates is stagnant exactly at the time when American companies need them most. At the moment, with the focus mainly on rote memorization, the country’s education system is ill-equipped to tackle this problem.


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