Facebook Seeking Solution for 'Under-13' Problem | Education News

Facebook Seeking Solution for 'Under-13' Problem | Education News:

One of the possible solutions is to allow kids to link to their parents’ profiles and give parents full control over their children’s profile pages.
The “only over-13” rule currently in effect on the world’s biggest social network, Facebook, could be the thing of the past once the company releases the currently under-development technology that would allow kids to link their profiles to those of their parents. Although the list of features hasn’t yet been finalized, under discussion is allowing parents complete parental control over their children’s pages, down to the power to approve or veto friend requests. The parents will also have the final say over the apps their children are allowed to install and use.
Currently, users under the age of 13 are banned from the site due to the difficulty of obtaining parental consent for collection of information from children that young, which is a requirement under federal law. Although opening its site to younger kids could potentially draw heightened scrutiny from regulators who are already looking askance at the company for its its policies with regard to user privacy, the fact that many young kids already create accounts but lie about their age, puts pressure on Facebook for formalize the rules under which kids of any age can join and use it.


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