A Career Education Program That Gets Results -- THE Journal

A Career Education Program That Gets Results -- THE Journal:

The career education program at Volusia County Schools in Florida breaks students into focused, school year-long career academies, in fields like robotics, finance, and agriscience.

Volusia County (FL) Schools' Career and Technical Education (CTE) program has a high school graduation rate of 95 percent. That beats the districtwide rate of 78 percent.
That's not all: The 4,500 students enrolled in 33 different career programs at 10 high schools have higher grade point averages in general (2.94 compared with a districtwide average of 2.71) and do better in Advanced Placement courses (3.12 in the career ed program, 2.86 districtwide). Finally, according to the school district, more than 85 percent of them have some kind of post-secondary education plans in place when they graduate (compared with 78 percent for the rest of the district).
Numbers don't explain everything, but they do demonstrate the success the Volusia district has had coupling academic and job training goals, and scholarship and project-based learning with experts from throughout the community


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