TED-Ed Hits the Classroom with New Video Website - Forbes

TED-Ed Hits the Classroom with New Video Website - Forbes:

The innovative minds at TED have brought a new educational video website to the head of the class. Today, TED-Ed launched http://ed.ted.com, a site that features TED-Ed’s original K-12 animated videos with accompanying lessons and quizzes. On top of that, the site allows educators to create original lessons for any YouTube video, rendering the video on a new link where teachers can monitor student progress.
Each three- to eight-minute TED-Ed video comes with multiple choice quizzes, open ended questions, and a “Dig Deeper” section with further resources. The site is unusually user friendly—students can minimize videos on the webpage so they can keep watching while answering questions, and, if they get a multiple choice question wrong, the “Video Hint” automatically directs them to the exact point in the video where the question is answered.


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