Teams from 39 Southern California Schools Prepare for Solar Boat Races -- THE Journal

Teams from 39 Southern California Schools Prepare for Solar Boat Races -- THE Journal:

Student teams from 39 Southern California high schools are putting the finishing touches on solar-powered vessels they will operate over a three-day cycle of racing on Lake Skimmer, just north of Temecula, CA, beginning May 18.
Billed as "the nation's largest solar-powered boat competition," The Metropolitan Water District's Solar Cup includes students from high schools in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Ventura counties. Contestants will apply their skills in math, physics, engineering, and communications over three days to compete and gain a better understanding of environmental resources such as solar power and water management, the event's sponsors said.
"What makes this competition so unique compared to other science-based events is that it's interdisciplinary. It not only fits science, technology engineering, and math core curriculum guidelines, but it also integrates the environmental sciences, along with visual and language arts, into the program's learning objectives," Solar Cup coordinator Julie Miller, a state-certified teacher in Metropolitan's education programs said in a news release.
In addition to the team-building aspects of the competition, students are also encouraged to understand the environmental sciences, including water resource management, conservation, and alternative energy development.


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