Five-Minute Film Festival: Poetry Month | Edutopia

Five-Minute Film Festival: Poetry Month | Edutopia:

Amy Erin Borovoy
Amy Erin Borovoy is Edutopia's digital media curator, and she has a passion for content at the intersection of online video, new technologies, and education. Follow her on Twitter @VideoAmy or subscribe to her YouTube channel for more videos for educators.

For some people, the thought of poetry makes their blood pump faster with passion, while for others, it conjures up stereotypes of disaffected beat writers. But there's no doubt that when taught well, poetry can get kids excited about reading, writing, performing, and finding their voice. As we near the end of April, National Poetry Month, I've put together a selection of videos about the power of poetry for young people -- in the classroom and beyond.

Video Playlist: Poetry Month

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  1. Poetry Open Mic (05:38)
    An elementary teacher builds community and covers core language arts standards by holding weekly open mics in her classroom


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