Five-Minute Film Festival: Teacher Appreciation | Edutopia

Five-Minute Film Festival: Teacher Appreciation | Edutopia:

While we all know teachers deserve to be thanked all year long, May is set aside as a special time to show even more gratitude to the educators who motivate, guide, and believe in us. Edutopia has just launched the Every Day in May campaign with a new tip for thanking teachers every day this month. So I'll dive right in by shouting out to all the teachers in the trenches making a difference for kids. I tried to keep the overly-sentimental piano music to a minimum and share some truly inspirational videos. Some of the clips in this playlist might make you laugh, and some might make you cry, but all of them should make you feel like a super-hero -- for the work you do every day is the most important work that anyone can do. Thank you!

Video Playlist: Teacher Appreciation

Keep watching the player below to see the entire playlist, or view this playlist on YouTube.


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