What makes an outstanding school? | Teacher Network Blog | Guardian Professional

What makes an outstanding school? | Teacher Network Blog | Guardian Professional:

Putting Ofsted definitions to one side, our blogger shares the recipe for a school where staff and students are truly fulfilled

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What makes a school truly outstanding to work and study in? Photograph: Image Source / Rex Features

did, I didn't and I do work in an outstanding school; and I don't mean Outstanding by Ofsted definition, I mean outstanding in terms of student and staff fulfilment. Let me set my stall out from the start. This article is "not" based on Ofsted definition, so if this is why you came here, you will only be disappointed, so I suggest you are better off reading this.
Many years ago I did: I was fortunate enough to be appointed to my first middle leadership position. Starting in 1999, I joined the school as the 13th teacher working for 160 students. Today, the school now thrives with approximately 150 members of staff and over 1300 students.
The institution I was joining was established by a group of parents who wanted more first choice places for their children and wanted another local comprehensive school to be part of that decision process. Over a decade later, this would have been known as a Free School I hear you say…


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