Can Apps Change Education? - PSFK

Can Apps Change Education? - PSFK:

Can Apps Change Education?

“I can only assure you, I have all the zealotry and passion of a convert,” says Dan Snow over a crackly telephone line from Rome, where the TV historian is filming his next series. The passion, in this case, is for apps.
Snow is the frontman for Timeline World War 2 with Dan Snow, an iPad app that aims to provide an interactive spin on the second world war. But he was also heavily involved in its conception and production, working with publisher Ballista Media, developer Agant and British Pathé, which provided more than 100 archive videos.
The app is impressive, centred around a timeline of more than 2,000 events during the war, a dynamic map, and Snow’s own commentary on the Pathé videos. His enthusiasm for the medium is clear.


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