How To Visualize Where Your Tweets Go | Edudemic

How To Visualize Where Your Tweets Go | Edudemic:

This is going to be an epic set of projects for your classroom.  If you’re a tweeting teacher, listen up. 
If you’ve ever tweeted something and it’s gotten retweeted a few times, you probably thought ‘hey that’s great, a few extra people saw what I wrote’ and patted yourself on the back.
That simple number of retweets doesn’t really tell the whole story. In fact, your tweet was likely seen by a plethora of people around the globe. They may not have retweeted you… but they saw what you wrote.
Until now, it’s been nearly impossible to know who saw what on Twitter. But now there’s a classroom-tastic new (free!) tool called ‘Where Does My Tweet Go?‘ and it’s a WebGL-powered site that lets you input a tweet and see on a 2D or 3D (!) visualization exactly where that tweet went. It’s an incredible tool that you have to see to believe. Important note: the site is preparing for launch and currently lets you view just a few samples. But be sure to bookmark this one.


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