The Ultimate Guide To Emerging Technologies | Edudemic

The Ultimate Guide To Emerging Technologies | Edudemic:

Gene therapy? Anti-aging drugs? Neuroinformatics? If this sounds like something out of some Minority Report, you’re in for a surprise. According to a simply amazing visualization by the geniuses at Envisioning Tech, all this and more is coming to your world in the next few decades.
And it all starts with education. If we want each of these incredible (some scary, some not) technologies to actually happen, we need to make sure every student and teacher sees this visualization. Seriously. Show this roadmap to a student contemplating a degree in science or math and they’ll be pretty inspired. Who wouldn’t want to be the person who discovered a way to build a SPACE ELEVATOR?! That’s right. That’s one of the emerging technologies.
Click the visualization to read more. Click here for the printable PDF.


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