Inspiring New Futures

Inspiring New Futures:

Eric Brunsell
Eric Brunsell (@brunsell on Twitter) is Assistant Professor of Science Education at UW-Oshkosh. He is the facilitator of Edutopia's STEM group, and a regular blogger for Edutopia.

It's summertime: time to relax, refresh and get connected. Joining an online community of science teachers is a great way to find resources, inspiration and like-minded colleagues to collaborate with as you re-tool your courses for the next school year. The list below is a good starting point to find a community or two that meets your needs. However, the list is not exhaustive. Use the comment section to share any online groups or communities that you find valuable!

Edutopia's STEM Group

This group has over 2000 members engaged in discussion and sharing ideas. Topics range from sharing favorite STEM resources (with over 100 comments) to discussions about what an effective STEM magnet middle school would look like.


Scitable is a social network created by Nature Publishing Group. It can help you connect with peers, scientists and other experts. You can also create your own virtual classroom which allows you to organize content into an e-book and provide students with discussion boards and research tools.


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