12 Twitter Tools Every Educators Must Know about

12 Twitter Tools Every Educators Must Know about:

Social networking is a topic that I have been posting about for sometime now. I have published a set of series on this issue and will soon be adding more to it. You can check out Educational Social Networking from part one to part 4 to learn more.
twitter for teachers

Twitter is one of my top social networking tool that I use for both professional development and educational purposes. I don't like to have any personal uses on Twitter because Facebook is already doing this job. The thing about Twitter is that, while it has a huge potential in education, yet many teachers and educators ignore the great arsenal of tools that can be used to get the maximum of this tool. It is no longer about just logging on to Twitter and checking our tweets or posting ours but it is all about how smart we are in interacting with Twitter.In this regard, I am introducing you to a set of highly important Twitter tools that can help you better manage your Twitter activities .


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