Teachers' Quick Guide on The Use of Games in Education

Teachers' Quick Guide on The Use of Games in Education:

Online gaming plays a major part in most of young people's lives. The gaming trend  that started off as a sole leisure activity a couple of years ago is now integrated into the mainstream and more and more people are using them on everyday basis.Game developers and business corporations are generating billions of revenues out of their sales .In March 2008, a government-funded report from DCSF indicated that sales of games for the under 12 age group represented nearly three quarters of the total UK games market. 87 % of 5-16 year old have a game's console at home, and the enormous success of the Nintendo Wii has shown that new technologies can reach and hold audiences never expected to enjoy playing online or computer games.

Regardless of the negative features associated with gaming such as frivolity, violence and mindlessness, games do have a growing potential in education. Just to make it clear, when I say games I refer to  all kinds of games ( simulations, virtual world games , online games, computer games, puzzel games and many more ). Several studies ( check webliography links below  ) have proved that some characteristics of games have a positive role in learning settings to the point that an entire new model of learning has seen the light under the name Digital  Game-based Learning ( GBL ).


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