How An Amsterdam School Uses Facebook Timeline In History Classes

How An Amsterdam School Uses Facebook Timeline In History Classes:

Facebook, despite its massive size, is one of the least talked about social media tools in the education technology world. But a high school class in Amsterdam has started using it for educational purposes and you can check out the hard work they’ve done!
Students at Het 4e Gymnasium Amsterdam have had their history class infused into their digital lives thanks to school principal Hans Verhage and the creative agency THEY.
The students have built Facebook Timelines for four history subjects:
- Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union
- Fashion from 1950 – present
- Inventions of the 20th Century
- Magellan’s Voyage
Historical events were represented by uploading a variety of media including audio, video, photos, maps, and historic documents.
Visit the individual History Timelines here:
Fashion – 1950 To Now
20th Century Inventions
Magellan’s Voyage


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