How Students Use Second Life For Digital Learning | Edudemic

How Students Use Second Life For Digital Learning | Edudemic:

I’m not that old, but I’d never heard of the Internet when I went to school. And while I achieved my own educational goals attending a traditional brick-and-mortar school, today’s virtual learning capabilities open up so many more options for students. I’m sure that Internet companies in my area will remain in business, given how much we’ve come to rely on the Internet for education and gaining information in so many ways.

And the options don’t stop coming. Internet companies in my area take pride in being one of the stepping stones to revolutionary methods of educating youth as well as adults. Many schools now offer virtual classrooms with a teacher at the helm and students posting comments on a chat line or forum. But researchers are investigating options even beyond that. One recent study at the University of Texas at Austin used the popular online world Second Life as a virtual classroom for an English course.


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