Children’s drawing contest | PARADISO

Children’s drawing contest | PARADISO:
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"PARADISO explores how the full benefits and potential of the Internet can be enjoyed by tomorrow’s societies, in order to contribute to a better world. It is important that today’s children, who will be the main users of the Internet of the future, should be able to make their voices heard. They can do exactly that through PARADISO’s drawing contest, which invites young people to draw or paint how they see the Internet affecting their lives in the future. The contest (closing date: June 30, 2011) is open to primary/elementary schools from Europe and other regions of the world. It is expected that teachers will play a leading role, facilitating collaborative working so that one entry per class is sent. The winning entries will be announced at PARADISO’s international conference at the European Commission in Brussels from September 7 to 9, 2011"


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