How Music Can Become A Bigger Part Of Your Classroom - Edudemic

How Music Can Become A Bigger Part Of Your Classroom - Edudemic:

learning from lyrics

When you think of ‘multimedia’ in a broad sense, what things come to mind?
Modern classrooms use many of these things on a regular basis. We have interactive web tools and apps that employ all of the aforementioned tools as part of their lessons.  And while audio is (almost always) part of the ‘video’ piece, I think that sometimes we tend to forget that it can offer its own array of instructive materials for students of any age and in a variety of subjects. Not only that, but it can offer this in a form that we are all familiar with (and furthermore, already enjoy!): music.

Learning From Lyrics: Not Just For Music Class

So how can you take the music out of music class and bring it into, say, history class? You find songs whose lyrics and melodies explain something: the lyrics might pertain to historical happenings, the instruments used might explain what types of materials were used in a certain place at that time, or the language used might offer insight into a local area or time period.


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