Use Game-Based Learning to Teach Civics | Edutopia

Use Game-Based Learning to Teach Civics | Edutopia:

Andrew Miller (@betamiller on Twitter) is a National Faculty member for the Buck Institute for Education, an organization that specializes in project-based curriculum. He is a collaborator with Abeo School Change, which is committed to making powerful learning a reality for every student. He is also a regular blogger for Edutopia.

Game-Based Learning (GBL) is another great pedagogical model for engaging students, and the term is more expansive and complex than you might think. It can range from pencil and paper games to massive online games like World of Warcraft to everything in between. Overall, it's about balancing gameplay with the learning of important content. The focus is on retaining the information learned, and applying it. This application can take place within the game itself or outside of it.

So how can we use this model for civics education? Luckily there are already resources out there to use as tools, or you can also create your own GBL games for teaching important civics content


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