JP-ik unveils a new retail brand - mymaga

After years of experience providing ICT Education solutions with over 6 million netbooks delivered throughout the world, JP-ik has taken another step forward and created mymaga, a new brand that aims to form a new educational concept.
mymaga delivers portable solutions able to take learning anywhere, and powerful enough to perfom scientific assignments. A close relationship with Intel and the identification of new learning possibilities were the spark that created mymaga. The first line of devices is called FLUX and brings a 7 an 10-inch childproof tablets with some exclusive features that will be in the european market soon.
With round edges and a rugged surface, FLUXmini (7'') and FLUX (10'') are designed to keep up with the agitated pace of young learners. Packed with Intel Education Software and an exclusive Science Kit that includes a Microlens, a Thermal Probe and a mymaga Earphones, students get the resources they need to explore and feel engaged into a rewarding learning experience.
FLUX series was inspired by a whole new generation of students with a mindset open to new areas of learning and new areas of growth, with very little tolerance for stagnation. These devices are designed to inspire and prepare a generation that will have to deal with a whole new set of challenges in their future.
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