Education Week: Districts Forge School-to-Home Digital Connections

Education Week: Districts Forge School-to-Home Digital Connections:

But education leaders are wrestling with how to put measures in place to allow school-issued digital devices to go home with students

Ashley McCaslin teaches in a one-room schoolhouse on the island of Frenchboro, about eight miles off the coast of Maine.
In her classroom, where seven students span six grade levels—from kindergarten to 7th grade—each has his or her own state-issued MacBook.
Whether class members are participating in a video discussion via Skype in reading groups with students in other communities, writing essays in Google Docs, or building a social studies wiki, McCaslin sees the laptops as their key link to the outside world. And, she says, for the 7th graders, who take the devices home in the evenings and on weekends, they offer nothing short of salvation.


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