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Bringing History to Life – Brazil | daily edventures

Bringing History to Life – Brazil | daily edventures:

Marcus Leite, Headmaster and teacher - Brazil

How do you get students excited about the past, when you are competing with video games, music and pop culture? Marcus Vinicus Leite turned to a technology of the past for help – the radio. “Radio História” is Leite’s approach to making history more realistic to his students. “We, students and teachers, try to present historical events as if the pupils were contemporary journalists broadcasting them as if they were happening at the very moment,” says Leite. Leite was awarded first place award in Microsoft Brazil’s national “Innovative Teachers Award 2011” for private schools. He and his students and all the winner teachers from 2011 were also recognized in the Brazilian “Federal Senate” for the initiative nature of their work. We talked with Leite about his vision for the future of education.

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