iCommons: The Library Evolved -- THE Journal

iCommons: The Library Evolved -- THE Journal:

This is the first in a three-part series focused on the changing role of the K-12 library. Each article in the series will look at a how schools are reinterpreting the role of the library and what's being done to reposition it to remain relevant and fresh in the digital age.

Oxbridge Academy students in the "cafe" side of the iCommons library

t's not unusual for prospective students and their parents to walk into the Oxbridge Academy of the Palm Beaches' library and do a double take as soon as they cross the threshold into the building. After all there are no physical books in the building, and certain aspects of the space mimic what you'd find in your typical Barnes & Noble cafe. Not exactly what you'd expect from your typical high school library.

"Most people are accustomed to walking into a library and seeing shelves that are jammed full of books," said Mark Bodnar, CIO and director of information technology for the West Palm Beach, FL institution. "When you take a library digital, however, you no longer have cavernous rooms with endless rows of books for everyone look at. That can be disconcerting for some people."


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